About SSR

The spreadsheet Research (SSR) website is a repository for research on spreadsheet development, testing, use, and technology.

SSR is maintained by Ray Panko of the University of Hawaii. Ray has been active in end user computing since the late 1960s. (He's really old.) By e-mail, he's panko@hawaii.edu. His home page is http://panko.shidler.hawaii.edu.

Initially, spreadsheet research focused on errors, including typing errors, pointing errors, logic errors, and omission errors. More recently, regulatory compliance pressures have focused a great deal of attention on how corporations are doing financial reporting and other critical corporate processes. What they are finding is lots of spreadsheets, often hundreds arranged in manually-operated webs. Suddenly, spreadsheet error and security research is no longer "just academic."

For an overview paper on spreadsheet errors, see What We Know About Spreadsheet Errors.  Html format. This is a 2008 revision of a paper that was published in the Journal of End User Computing in 1998.

Although errors has preoccupied much of spreadsheet research, there are other important issues, including productivity and security. This website discusses these issues only somewhat.

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