Raymond Panko
Business Data Networks and Telecommunications, Prentice-Hall
7th edition, 2009

For Instructors

Updates at the Website (January 2009)

Updated PowerPoint lectures, homework questions, and answer keys are available at the website. In addition to fixing some errors, the materials have been updated to include new information and to bring enhanced flow to the PowerPoint presentations.

There is also an errors page and a page on new information.

Instructors' Mailing List

I am developing a low frequency mailing list for instructors using the book and who are considering the book. Please send me your e-mail address if you are interested in the announcements. Ray@Panko.com

Request for Feedback

I'm preparing for the 8th edition of the book. I would appreciate your feedback. Ray@Panko.com

Instructor Resource Center

The Instructor Resource Center is your site to get teachers-only materials for the book, including answer keys and multiple choice exams. There are teachers-only versions of the PowerPoint presentations, but these merely add material on the notes pages to guide you.

Instructor Resource Center